Zebediah Figura : dsound/tests: Rewrite test_effects().

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Fri Jul 24 17:05:11 CDT 2020

Module: wine
Branch: master
Commit: 7893ef6b9f9216945f31a62f398a70cc646dd892
URL:    https://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git/?a=commit;h=7893ef6b9f9216945f31a62f398a70cc646dd892

Author: Zebediah Figura <z.figura12 at gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 23 11:47:00 2020 -0500

dsound/tests: Rewrite test_effects().

Use a custom DMO to show the interaction between dsound the DMO more clearly,
and add more tests for IDirectSoundBuffer8::GetObjectInPath().

Signed-off-by: Zebediah Figura <z.figura12 at gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Eikum <aeikum at codeweavers.com>
Signed-off-by: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org>


 dlls/dsound/tests/Makefile.in |   2 +-
 dlls/dsound/tests/dsound8.c   | 773 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 2 files changed, 596 insertions(+), 179 deletions(-)

Diff:   https://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git/?a=commitdiff;h=7893ef6b9f9216945f31a62f398a70cc646dd892

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