T@x2001: Linuxport via Wine

Joerg Mayer jmayer at loplof.de
Tue Apr 3 20:35:37 CDT 2001

Just found the following at the SuSE portal pages (German only):

Rough translation on the introductory paragraph:
The program t at x by Buhl Data has been around for the Windows platform for
some years. This year, the current version T at x2001 has been made available
for the Linux OS for a first time. In order to do this the Windows emulator
Wine was used. Wine allows using Windows applications running Linux. This
emulator has been modified to work with t at x2001.

The summary as far as Wine is concerned: The program should be more stable
and faster.

Does anyone know which modifications were made to wine?

Joerg Mayer                                          <jmayer at loplof.de>
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