[PATCH] Name Thread Exception support in Wine debugger

James Hatheway james at macadamian.com
Fri Apr 6 14:22:48 CDT 2001

> something seems wrong in your patch...
> the szName field from the exception field is never copied from the
> debugged
> program space to the debugger space (only the address is)
> so, you should use ReadProcessMemory instead (something like
> ReadProcessMemory(pThread->name, sizeof(pThread->name),
> DEBUG_CurrThread->process->handle, pThreadName->szName);

OOPs... you're right.  Works a lot better with ReadProcessMemory.

I'll send a modified patch ASAP.

> also, I don't like the fact that you put the #define in a public header
> file
> and the exception struct definition inside the file
> it would make more sense to me if both were either public or private
> (I'd go for private, since those values don't seem to be defined in
> Windows'
> standard headers)

Hmm.. sure, I can put both in the private header... I had the entry
in the public one since there was already a WINE specific entry there,
but I'll move my stuff all into the private debugger.h.

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