[PATCH] deferred trace

eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 7 03:21:50 CDT 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> eric pouech <eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr> writes:
> > using the Wine debugger (or any program using the debugging API) may
> > have some drawbacks. As the API is designed, it's not possible to
> > get control of the debugged program between its creation and its
> > entry point entering this makes very difficult to let the Wine
> > debugger trigger the expected features by poking the memory in the
> > debuggee.
> That's not exactly correct, the debugger can intercept the dll loads
> and break in the dll init code. Since with dll separation all Wine
> inits will be done inside dlls, the debugger should be able to
> intercept everything from the point we connect to the wineserver.
I thought that the process creation event was sent much later in the
init code (after DLLs had been loaded). It's no longer the case (for
one year :-/).


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