RegSetValueEx problem?

davep davep at
Wed Apr 11 11:40:41 CDT 2001

On Mon, 09 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> gerard patel <gerard.patel at> writes:
> > I have browsed server/registry.c and it seems that the registry
> > stores a terminating null for strings; so if you have in the registry
> > file a string like "0123456789", it get in memory a length of 11.
> > So I guess that the fix would be to fix the length by -1 somewhere
> > in the path server->ntdll->advapi
> No, the current behavior is correct for NT; what you want is a version
> check to get the Win95 behavior. Something like the patch below should
> do it (and of course WineMine should be fixed to work on NT too).

{patch snipped}

I have now been able to build and run WineMine under NT4, and it works
perfectly. On exit each parameter is saved to the registry as 16 bytes including
the training garbage (not visible in Regedit of course) and when restarted the
exact same 16 bytes are reloaded from the registry.

It does therefore seem that there is something wrong with Wne's implementation.
Dave Pickles

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