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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Apr 11 14:43:36 CDT 2001

eric pouech <eric.pouech at> writes:

> well, this has a major holes:
> - since the process creation in Wine knows the created process is not
> a PE image, it doesn't set the info on the server side for the newly
> created process ; after the exec in the shell script, the info cannot
> be retrieved from the parent, hence an error

What makes you think that?  Of course the info is set for non-PE
binaries too, otherwise you could never debug a Winelib app.

> perhaps, the best fix would be to merge the init_process/new_process
> server calls

I don't see how you could possibly do that. new_process is done by the
parent, and init_process by the child; they serve very different

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