Strange behaviour with GETVDMPOINTER32W

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Apr 11 17:05:10 CDT 2001


I don't understand this sequence:

Some strings gets copied to segemented memory
Call KERNEL.88: LSTRCPY(0x046f0018,0x00ef0080 "") ret=02ef:069a ds=02ff
Ret  KERNEL.88: LSTRCPY() retval=0x0467781a ret=02ef:0687 ds=02ff
This segmented memory gets mapped to linear memory
Call KERNEL.516: GETVDMPOINTER32W(0x0467781a,0x0001) ret=02ef:ae4a ds=02ff
Ret  KERNEL.516: GETVDMPOINTER32W() retval=0x4043bda2 ret=02ef:ae4a ds=02ff
Accessing the linear memory returns garbage
Call  kernel32.lstrcmpA(4043bda2 "\021\021\021\021\021\021...
... ret=10001464 tid=08404b48

I don't see any other accesses to 0x046f:0x0018 or 0x0467781a in between.

This happens withthe Encarta 99 setup.


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