KC Wine & WWN

Brian Vincent (C) BrianV at ski-copper.com
Sat Apr 14 15:12:10 CDT 2001

Over the last few days I've talked with Eric
Pouech and Zack Brown about taking over the KC
Wine and Wine Weekly News updates.  It looks 
like I've got the first issue ready to go.  

Anyway, here's just some of my thoughts on it,
and I'd welcome any and all feedback:

- Right now my ISP at home is really messed up.
At least in the short term I'll be doing a lot
of this at work.  Unfortunately that means I'll
be mostly using Hypermail archives and some
really editing methods.  I won't be subscribed
to the list, but I'll gladly receive email at
the address below.

- Unfortunately that also means I don't have CVS
access right now.  At some point I'd like to get
WWN going again, but it might be several weeks.

- Also, I always like the CVS commit summary,
who used to write that?  I'd like to incorporate
that into the KC Wine page eventually.  

- My technical skills are not nearly as good as
Eric's.  So some of my summaries might be a 
little off.  Hopefully I'll get better over time.

- IMHO, these updates are a great PR tool for the
project.  Screenshots, product reviews, and news
stories about Wine are very helpful.  I'd 
encourage all of you to send me any news like this.
I'll definitely include it.

- Along those same lines, in the future I'll
probably setup a screenshots page or something like

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
brianv at ski-copper.com

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