OpenGL Visual Management ... continued.

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Mon Apr 16 00:54:45 CDT 2001

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Gavriel State wrote:

> Can you double-check that you applied the patch correctly?  I was experiencing
> exactly the behaviour you describe on my system in 8-bit mode, and the patch
> (included again, just in case) does a good job of fixing it on my machine.
> If this fix isn't the right one, I'm at a loss to explain what's going on.
>  -Gav

I did do a make clean in all the x11drv's and make again, I didn't want
to believe it either, and I looked at the source to make sure the
patch applied, but I will check it all again tomorow.  I think there may
be some other fairly recent patch involved.  I have been using 16 bpp
lately because 8bpp looks like 5bpp even with the setup_opengl_visual
comented out (I assumed that some other patch had changed that, but not
so) - so something else is wrong.  Also, with setup_opengl_visual
active, I have critsect timeouts, and have a hard time to get the app to
start at all.

Maybe the problem has to do with ./configure detects opengl, but it is
not active.  Maybe HAVE_OPENGL is the wrong test to decide if we should
setup_opengl_visual, or maybe I am badly misconfigured (Andreas'
winecheck thinks so, but that is mostly because I have no native
registry) and it has taken y'all four years to catch me at it.

I hope I will be more helpful after I have slept on it.


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