strange msvcrt crash

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Mon Apr 16 12:58:13 CDT 2001


--- Andreas Mohr <a.mohr at> wrote:
> (sorry for the long posting, but I think it's needed)

Exception handers for some cases are broken (The last patch I
submitted before I went travelling made things better for c++
programs, but needs to be cleaned up before it can go in).

The most common case is where there is clean up code (e.g. local
dtors) on the stack. These wont be executed cleanly. I'm not entirely
convinced that nested exceptions work for anything other than very
simple cases as well (nested try blocks are optimised into a single
iterative try and multiple catches by VC++, and there may be a bug in
the iteration through this structure). Any program compiled with
recent versions of VC++ probably requires the implementation of
setjmp3 to work reliably as well. The exception handling
implementation proved more difficult to understand and implement than
I was expecting, documentation is next to non existant.

The simple solution is to find where the exception occurs (e.g.
mktime)and if its Wine code, to fix/prevent it occuring. I am still a
couple of months away from having time at a pc to grab my tree and
clean it up for inclusion, and without access to my test harmess and
notes from home I don't have enough info to help further. If someone
want to look at it feel free to mail me and I'll give whatever info I
can recall from memory.

Hope this helps,

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