OpenGL Visual Management ... continued.

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Mon Apr 16 14:34:14 CDT 2001

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Gavriel State wrote:

> I'm not sure about this last problem - unless it's somehow that the X driver
> for your card flakes out when asked for a double-buffered visual in 8-bit mode.
> I have however figured out the other problem.  It's not that the code I
> added isn't working, it's that in desktop mode and non-managed mode, our
> colormap isn't being switched in.  I thought that this could be because
> we're not setting the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOW property of our created windows,
> but a quick test of forcing it on in X11DRV_WND_CreateWindow was unable
> to fix the problem.
> Does anyone else have any idea what the problem might be there?  Is it
> the window manager's responsability to switch in the Colormap?  If so,
> I guess that we need to do it ourselves for non-managed mode, but that
> doesn't explain why it isn't working in desktop mode.
>  -Gav

No, but I agree, I couldn't see from the trace that the fix was getting
called in desktop mode.  If I get rid of desktop and add managed, I am
back to 8 bpp instead of what looks like 5 bpp.  Strange.

Have I fallen off of wine-cvs, is it broken, or just inactive?  Oops,
cancel that question.  Here it is now.  :-)

---cut here

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