InstallShield and ole question...

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Wed Apr 18 09:50:44 CDT 2001

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 10:42:24AM -0400, Mike Bond wrote:
> Quick brief, I've been lurking for quite some time around WineHQ and the
> wine project, but don't really have time for putting a lot of devel into
> it. It seems wine is finally getting close enough to working for most
> things that I can put some time into tracking problems without gobbling
> up many hours.
> All that said, I've been trying to get some InstallShield v6 based installers
> to work with wine without much success. I've tried various combinations
> of builtin and native versions of the ole related dlls, each configuration
> with it's own hitches.
> With a mostly 'native' configuration, I get the 0x80070008
> (ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY) error when trying to load IKernel.exe. I did not
> spend a lot of time with this as 'builtin' really is the prefered method
> anyway.
> With a completely 'builtin' configuration for the various ole dlls, I get the
> dreaded 0x80070005 (ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED) when trying to load IKernel.exe that
> others have reported on the list in the past. After persuing this a bit, I
> found that the problems seems to lie in the fact that CoGetClassObject
> in compobj.c does not have CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER implemented, which InstallShield
> is trying to use when starting up the "InstallShield setup kernel" via
> CoCreateInstance.
> My question, is anyone currently working on implementing CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER
> in compobj.c:CoGetClassObject, or have plans to work on this in the near
> future? If not, I may go back to trying to figure out what is happening
> with the 'native' configuration.

This will require a lot of work, basically you will need to implement
all of the OLE out of process, marshalling, rpc stuff.

This is not a trivial 100 line patch, its more like 20000+ lines.

Ciao, Marcus

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