Regedit from Win2k

Dominik Strasser dominik.strasser at
Thu Apr 19 09:31:14 CDT 2001

trying to run regedit from Win2k I encounter the following problems:
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for
shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufA) imported from shell32.dll, setting to
err:win32:fixup_imports No implementation for
shlwapi.dll.0(StrRetToBufW) imported from shell32.dll, setting to
Hmm, but those are implemented.
When I try to add a loadorder for shlwapi to get the builtin one, this
doesn't work.
"shlwapi"      = "builtin, native"
Still the native version is used.
If I change the overall DefaultLoadOrder, to "builtin, native" it works.

After this, the tree items in the Treeview vanished but I don't care.
I assume this is the cause:
fixme:listview:LISTVIEW_Create ANSI notify format is NOT used

Trying to save the registry I get a crash wich I tracked down to this
line in filedlg95.c:
453: AllocInArgWtoA(ofn->lpTemplateName, lpTemplateName);
But ofn->lpTemplateName is not a pointer but seems to be a handle:
If I wrap the call into a if(!IsBadReadPtr(ofn->lpTemplateName, 4)), the
filedialog comes up.

Any clues anybody ?



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