Virtual memory under Win95

Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Sun Apr 22 12:03:14 CDT 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Why do you say it's wrong for NT?  It seems perfectly correct: the
> mapping object exists as long as you have a handle to it, or some view
> of it is mapped (which keeps a handle internally, just like we do
> under Wine).
> Do not confuse the file mapping object with mapped views; the doc only
> talks about the mapping object. Specific views of the object are
> unmapped by UnmapViewOfFile (at least under NT), even if this may not
> cause the mapping object to be deleted. This doesn't contradict the
> doc at all.

I think the cause for the behaviour observed by Dmitry might be the
strange implementation of mapped views in Win9x:  as I recall, there's
on the one hand a list of mapped views per process maintained by 
KERNEL32, but on the other hand the actual address space management
is done by VMM, which has *also* something like a list of mapped
regions per address space.

UnmapViewOfFile in Win95 does remove the view from the KERNEL32 list
of views per process.  However, it then only calls the _PageFlush VMM 
service on the address range, which does not actually remove the pages
from VMM's lists, but only flushes all dirty pages to their backing
store ...

VirtualQuery in Win95, however, appears to completely ignore the 
KERNEL32 list of views, but always calls the _PageQuery VMM service
and returns VMM's opinion on the status of the pages.  This explains
why VirtualQuery shows the pages still present after UnmapViewOfFile.


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