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Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Mon Apr 23 12:06:46 CDT 2001

Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:

[patch for glibc manpage]

>   I wonder where I should send it. Since I'm lazy I guess I will just
> send it over to Debian where it will join the 2+ years old bug reports
> for the manpages-dev package. (maybe I should check the source first
> though :-/)

The ctime manpage here is from 1996 (glibc-2.0.7 I guess), it came with
the distribution. I don't see any glibc-2.1.3 or glibc-2.2 manpages,
only texinfo/info files. Maybe they don't maintain man pages anymore.

The localtime info from glibc-2.2 says:

|  - Function: struct tm * localtime (const time_t *TIME)
|      The `localtime' function converts the simple time pointed to by
|      TIME to broken-down time representation, expressed relative to the
|      user's specified time zone.
|      The return value is a pointer to a static broken-down time
|      structure, which might be overwritten by subsequent calls to
|      `ctime', `gmtime', or `localtime'.  (But no other library function
|      overwrites the contents of this object.)
|      The return value is the null pointer if TIME cannot be represented
|      as a broken-down time; typically this is because the year cannot
|      fit into an `int'.
|      Calling `localtime' has one other effect: it sets the variable
|      `tzname' with information about the current time zone.  *Note Time
|      Zone Functions::.
|    Using the `localtime' function is a big problem in multi-threaded
| programs.  The result is returned in a static buffer and this is used in
| all threads.  POSIX.1c introduced a variant of this function.

And then follows the description for localtime_r().


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