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lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Tue Apr 24 00:57:58 CDT 2001

Good day!

One or all of these 3 patches has somehow broken fault hanlding for my
mail app.  As I seem to have it sort of working again, I wanted to get
out a warning, and sorry I can't be more specific yet.  The app also
doesn't like to be forced to use a local phone number that is not in its
current list but still works.  I can't blame it, but I am damned if I
will have it adding $.05 to my phone bill every time I send or get mail.
I got what looked like a recursive page fault somewhere in
startup/fixup_imports until I reverted all 3.  It _might_ be a local
misconfiguration, so don't waste too much time on it, but if you spot
something that could be a bit wrong in one of these patches, please let
me know.

  N   1 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,414) wine/dlls/msvcrt time.c
  N   2 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,089) wine/include/msvcrt stddef.h
  N   3 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,071) wine/debugger types.c

I can't see how it could be any of them, but I guess it must be
stddef.h.  The app insists so far on native msvcrt.  I keep hoping that
will change.


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