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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Tue Apr 24 03:00:44 CDT 2001

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001 lawson_whitney at juno.com wrote:
> I got what looked like a recursive page fault somewhere in
> startup/fixup_imports until I reverted all 3.  It _might_ be a local
> misconfiguration, so don't waste too much time on it, but if you spot
> something that could be a bit wrong in one of these patches, please let
> me know.
>   N   1 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,414) wine/dlls/msvcrt time.c
>   N   2 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,089) wine/include/msvcrt stddef.h
>   N   3 Apr 23 Alexandre Julliard  (2,071) wine/debugger types.c
> I can't see how it could be any of them, but I guess it must be
> stddef.h.  The app insists so far on native msvcrt.  I keep hoping that
> will change.

   If you're using native msvcrt then the first two should have no
impact. If you meant that the crash only occurs when you try using the
builtin msvcrt then maybe it's the patch to time.c. But I would still
don't see why... quite the opposite.
   Let us know if you find out more about this.

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