Trouble with VirtualQuery()

Gérard Patel <> Gérard Patel <> at
Mon Apr 23 18:54:01 CDT 2001

At 07:26 AM 22/04/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>	I've been investigating the free Borland ilink32.exe , the one that
>locks under wine. Has this been discussed already? Well anyway, it
>probes several memory address with VirtualQuery(). This first location
>is 0x80000000 . On a normal windows system that would be system memory. 
>Wine claims that area as free memory. Well apparently ilink32 doesn't
>want to see that region as free memory so it goes into an endless loop .
>There is a big list of memory location that it checks and if it doesn't
>get an acceptable result (Reserved) then it goes into an endless loop.
>If I set all the address to,
>	info->State             = MEM_RESERVED;
>        info->Protect           = PAGE_NOACCESS;
>        info->AllocationProtect = PAGE_NOACCESS;
>        info->Type              = MEM_PRIVATE;
>Then ilink32 doesn't lock, but it has four internal memory errors. It
>still doesn't work, but it exit with an error.

Msdn has an article about that when they are talking about the special
version of NT that has a 3 Gig memory space. IIRC this version is breaking
some apps that are doing pointer calculations on 32 bits values
without taking in account the sign - in short, bugged apps. So they
are not letting apps see the 8000000-BFFFFFFF area without them being
marked (some special flag in the Exe).

I had posted a patch a long time ago removing the upper middle of the virtual 
memory space (enabled in the config file) but it never made it in Cvs.

I have also posted another patch more recently on cemw (6 april 2001) 
I don't know if it fixes the command line tool, but it fixes borland builder's 
linker it seems.

Btw I have wondered for a long time why the Bcb linker works under Win9x
(where the 80000000-BFFFFFFF area is available).
Now I think it's working because of sheer luck; in this more recent patch
I have only removed the 4k page after 80000000 and the C0000000-FFFFFFFF 
area and it seems to work - as it happens under Win9x this same 4k page is
not available too. I guess it's enough to work around the linker bug.

Possibly I'll send a new patch if I find where is the flag in the exe to
handle the 3 gig memory space but as I am not actively searching for
it, you are welcome to do it yourself :-)


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