Quickbooks 5 and printing

Dan Engel dengel at sourceharvest.com
Tue Apr 24 06:08:55 CDT 2001

Sean A. Walberg wrote:

> After a long break, I'd like to figure out why quickbooks 5 can't print.
> wineps works, ie I can print in notepad, but QB seems to implement its own
> printing mechanism.

I would like to figure it out, too.  Here's what I've done so far:

Using "--debugmsg warn+all,+relay,+text,+string" I found that it's trying 
to load "wineps.drv.dll" which translates into "libwineps.drv.so".  This 
doesn't work, and it appears that the QB code is what's adding the .DRV to 
the WINEPS print driver name.

I hacked around that by checking for WINEPS.DRV at the beginning of 
BUILTIN_LoadModule and replacing it with WINEPS.

After that the .so file was being loaded but the dll, "wineps.dll" couldn't 
be found (again, according to BUILTIN_LoadModule).

Doing some more hacking shows that the __wine_dll_register is being called 
for wineps.dll.  It seems to me that this means that the name (wineps.dll) 
should be registered and therefore the dll should be found.

I'll be hacking on this some more, as time allows.  I'm extremely new to 
Wine code--I'm hoping that something I've done makes the problem obvious to 
a more seasoned veteran. . .  :-)

-Dan Engel

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