Quickbooks 5 and printing

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at sloboda.ru
Wed Apr 25 09:20:16 CDT 2001

"Dan Engel" <dengel at sourceharvest.com> wrote:

> Using "--debugmsg warn+all,+relay,+text,+string" I found that it's trying 
> to load "wineps.drv.dll" which translates into "libwineps.drv.so".  This 
> doesn't work, and it appears that the QB code is what's adding the .DRV to 
> the WINEPS print driver name.
> I hacked around that by checking for WINEPS.DRV at the beginning of 
> BUILTIN_LoadModule and replacing it with WINEPS.

First of all, you didn't tell what type of application is QB: 16 or 32 bit.
16-bit applications nearly always look for printer driver themself.
They look at win.ini in the following sections:
[devices], [PrinterPorts] or just [windows].device=

Starting from Win3.1, where common dialogs were introduced, applications
started just call common dialog, which allowed easy printer selection.

Vast majority of 32-bit applications also use common dialogs, but some "advanced"
(read - stupid) appications try do read registry or even use old Win3.x
method described above.

You should look at all places (win.ini and registry), find all references
to WINEPS and remove any extension from it (be it .DRV or .DLL). If that
will not help, post somewhere a +relay,+module trace.

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