Quickbooks 5 and printing

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at sloboda.ru
Thu Apr 26 08:27:16 CDT 2001

"Dan Engel" <dengel at sourceharvest.com> wrote:

> > First of all, you didn't tell what type of application is QB: 16 or 32
> I guess I don't really know--how would I tell?  I know QB5 installed a 
> bunch of *16.DLL files in c:/windows/system, but I don't know if that would 
> indicate it's a 16-bit app, or that it's a 32-bit app wanting to maintain 
> 16-bit compatibility.
> What trace would tell me what kind of app it is?

Well, if you can't distinguish 16 from 32 bit application by eyes (PE and NE
files are very different), then look at relay trace: if an application does calls
to kernel, user and gdi, it is 16 bit one, if it calls kernel32, user32 and gdi32,
then it is 32 bit. Your trace shows that QB5 is a 16-bit application.


> Here's a diff between corresponding sections of a QB4 and a QB5 trace.  The 
> diff shows clearly how they stay in parallel up to a point, and then 
> diverge.

[useless diff snipped]

Diffs are nearly always show nothing to anybody, except who really knows why
he did that diff and expect to see some results in it.

As I already asked, please do +relay,+module trace, compress it, put somewhere on
the net and post an url here. (Also please do not add any other debugging switches
without additional request).

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