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Gavriel State gav at
Thu Apr 26 11:56:09 CDT 2001

Mike Bond wrote:
> This getes me back to the other part of the question, is anyone currently
> working on this? I know people at CodeWeavers supposedly were working on
> getting the various mutations of InstallShield working, this error seems
> to be pretty common across all InstallSheild v6 based installers I've seen.
> I had also heard there was progress getting Alice install working at
> TransGaming, is that InstallSheild v6 based?

The fix we put into the TransGaming tree was from Andreas Mohr, and it 
fixed some problems related to previous versions of InstallSheild.  We
haven't made any progress on v6.

We'd certainly like to see it get done, but our resources are somewhat 
limited at the moment, and we're concentrating on the DirectX work. 

Something that's interesting about the InstallShield objects is this:
They seem to expose a fair amount of their interfaces through OLE 
Automation.  I don't know for certain, but I have a recollection that
some work was done to support Automation for WordPerfect.  I can't 
remember whether that work was actually completed, or bypassed through
the use of dde for scripting instead.  

If automation does work, then perhaps it's enough to simply run the 
InstallShield ikernel.exe and see if the user-side of the installer 
works through automation rather than requiring marshalling.


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