AVI resource in shell32.dll

eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 26 13:50:28 CDT 2001

Stefan Leichter wrote:
> Hi all,
> during debugging an installer (of Wiso Homebanking Try&Buy Version from
> Buhl Data) i found that native shell32.dll contains at least one AVI
> resource (the magnifier that is spinning in front of a computer) that is
> not implemented in the buildin shell32.dll. I have looked around in the
> source tree of wine but i did not find any resource from typ AVI.
> Now my questions:
> Is someone working on an implementation of avi resources into the
> buildin dlls?
> If not, what needs to be done to start implementing avi resources into
> the dlls?
normally, you just need to add a simple
id AVI "myfile.avi" 
to the shell32_xx.rc file...
however, wrc doesn't recognize yet the AVI type
this should be added in order to let this work

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