InstallShield and ole question...

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Apr 26 18:47:01 CDT 2001

Jeremy White wrote:
> > This getes me back to the other part of the question, is anyone currently
> > working on this? I know people at CodeWeavers supposedly were working on
> > getting the various mutations of InstallShield working, this error seems
> > to be pretty common across all InstallSheild v6 based installers I've seen.
> > I had also heard there was progress getting Alice install working at
> > TransGaming, is that InstallSheild v6 based?
> AFAIK, no one is actively doing this.  We're working hard on the
> installers, including everything up to the point of actually 
> diving of the COM/DCOM cliff. is an open source project to implement COM.
It's been around quite some time, and started off from the same 
DCE sources that Microsoft based its stuff on.
(See also )
It was dormant for a while, but I think it's being worked on again.

I wonder if that might not be useful here?
- Dan

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