TrueType font metrics for PostScript driver

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Sun Apr 29 21:15:58 CDT 2001

In order to Unicode-enable the PostScript driver, it needs information
about about font encodings that isn't present in Adobe's AFM file
format (glyph names for character encodings greater than 256).  For
Type 1 fonts with a standard encoding, the driver can use the encoding
in the Adobe Glyph List.  (There's no other choice.)

TrueType font designers, however, seem to regard glyph naming as an
opportunity to express their creativity.  Besides, the information is
present in the TrueType font files, so the driver might as well use it.

The driver could read this information directly from the font files, but
this would make Wine dependant on the FreeType libraries, and that
doesn't strike me as a wonderful idea.  Instead, I have cobbled together
a small program which reads a TrueType font file and creates a "TrueType
Font Metrics" file, which is very similar to an AFM file.  (This program
does use the FreeType library.)

Anyone have any objections to using this approach as a interim measure?
Ian Pilcher                                         ian.pilcher at

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