TrueType font metrics for PostScript driver

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Sun Apr 29 23:37:48 CDT 2001

Gavriel State wrote:
> What do you find objectionable about making wine work more closely with
> FreeType?

Absolutely nothing.  I just don't think the immediate benefit of getting
at TrueType encodings justifies creating the dependency at this time.

> What I'd love to see happen with fonts in Wine is this:
>  - shift the x11drv and wineps over to using the DDK Font Engine APIs
>    that are currently just stubs.
>  - Implement a FreeType font driver that links to Freetype and uses
>    the FreeType APIs for all font metrics data as well as rasterization.
>  - Implement an X11-dependant font driver in the Font Engine to rely
>    on as a backup if FreeType isn't available.
I agree with all of this.  I did say that these font metrics files are
an interim solution.

> Now, all of that said, I don't actually have the time to help with
> any of this directly (unless someone wants to throw a contract
> my way, of course).  All I can really do is cheer you on from the
> sidelines should you decide to go for it, and perhaps offer the
> occasional nugget of advice. Speaking of which, I do hope that you've
> seen the font & printing code in the Corel wine tree.  It may not
> do you much immediate good, but I suspect that it could be a usefull
> reference point.

I don't have the time or the skills to do this.  For now, I just want to
get the driver Unicode-enabled.

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