What is the @ in the function headers

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Fri Aug 3 15:58:33 CDT 2001

> Quick question.  What is the @ in a function header supposed 
> to contain? 
> Presumably it is the ordinal in the Dll.

Well, functions either has an ordinal or a @.
If it has a @ it is means that it doesn't matter
what the ordinal is, that winebuild can assign any
ordinal it likes for the function.

> But what if the 
> same function has
> different ordinals in different copies of the Dll?

You mean different versions?

Anyway, Wine has no support for it, because none is really needed,
because any application that tries to access functions by ordinal
that doesn't have a fixed ordinal across DLL version is
broken even on Windows.

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