r.maurizzi at r.maurizzi at
Tue Aug 7 06:55:59 CDT 2001

[Notes 5.0.8]
> The only error message the installer came up with was a dialog saying
> "AddFolderIcon" failed.

The same here.

> I had also understood that there was now a facility to add programs that
> would have installed themselves into the Windows startup menu into the KDE
> menu structure.  I am running KDE 2.2 from CVS if it matters.  But nothing
> appeared.  Had I understood wrong, or do I need to try to do some
> debugging?

Maybe not for all the InstallShield versions: it worked for me for the game
"I-War" (quite old... DirectX 5 I think), with KDE 2.1
Or it could be that the installer crash doesn't help in getting the icon
loaded... :-)
I didn't had time to look into this feature.


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