Implementing Winsock2 Function

Nick Bauer nickb at
Tue Aug 7 15:49:57 CDT 2001


I was working with Andreas Mohr on a program I was trying to get running
under Wine, and he suggested that I email this list and ask for help to
get an un-implemented function implemented. My application is a software
program used to control our phone system. The error is:

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function
ws2_32.WSALookupServiceBeginA called  in 32-bit code (0x407be056).
In 32-bit mode. 0x407be056 (__wine_unimplemented+0x56 [ws2_32.spec.c:40]
in WS2_32.DLL): jmp    0x407be050 (__wine_unimplemented+0x50
[ws2_32.spec.c:40] in WS2_32.DLL) 43      void
__wine_stub_ws2_32_WPUCompleteOverlappedRequest(void) {
__wine_unimplemented("WPUCompleteOverlappedRequest"); }

I have tried using the native WS2_32 DLL and then the program no longer
crashes, but it looks like its attempting to connect to the server, but
never gets connected. I set up iptables to log all packets going to that
server out eth0, but it never catches any packets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have no knowledge of coding.

Also, I am not on the list, so please include my email on any responses.

Thanks a lot,


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