[Fwd: Re: x11drv port to win32 possible ?]

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at home.com
Thu Aug 9 12:31:46 CDT 2001

Rudi De Vos wrote:
> The intention is to create a dll that exports the winapi graphic
> functions for X11: X11DRV_CreateWindow,X11DRV_InitKeyboard,..
> see x11drv.spec.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Wine's built-in
graphics drivers -- x11drv, ttydrv, and wineps -- interface with Wine's
GDI code in a non-standard way.  Alexandre has made some changes in this
area recently, but I don't believe they've changed that fundamental

So to do what you're proposing, you would first have to modify Wine's
GDI code to support one of Microsoft's 32-bit graphics driver
interfaces.  (Different Microsoft 32-bit OSes have different driver
interfaces, BTW.)  You could then update x11drv to use this interface.

As Patrik pointed out, this is really outside the scope of the Wine
project, but I do think that it would be valuable.  In addition to the
reasons you give above, it would be helpful in improving both the Wine
driver code and the Wine GDI code.

Ian Pilcher                                         ian.pilcher at home.com

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