trouble with fonts (old, old problem)

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Thu Aug 9 20:44:57 CDT 2001

Hi All,

i've got a problem with fonts in Netscape that's been around for a
long time, while i've tried several times, unsuccessfully, to fix.

When netscape 4.77 first loads, then loads an arbitary page,
everything (text, buttons, comboboxes) is rendered incorrectly. If i
go to another page, then hit the Back button, the page that was
originally rendered incorrectly is now correct. All further renderings
are correct for all pages.

In my investigations (some time ago), i found that :

* font enumeration functions returned different things on the first
and second load of the same page.

* i could correct the problem by changing the default ansi fixed font
to helvetica

i suspect that the wine loads extra X11 fonts between the first and
second page viewings... but i don't know much about font handling in

i'll make some screen shots if anybody is interested. Any ideas?


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