Transparent child windows

Timo Kujala tkujala at
Wed Aug 15 08:59:55 CDT 2001


Some time ago I posted a problem with M$ 32-bit terminal server client, as
it did not paint it's window. Finally I got some time to look into this a
bit more and found out following:

The terminal server client creates (among other windows) two child windows,
"Input Capture Window" and "Output Painter Window" (in that order). Input
capture window is specified as transparent and it is laid over the output
painter window so that the actual image is painted in the output painter
window and input capture window just receives mouse clicks and keyboard

The problem is that the input capture window is not really transparent.
Output painter window is behind it and therefore output is never seen. (I
was able to find this out by moving input capure window away from the view
by modifying code in createwindow-call in win.c, but then mouse won't work
in terminal server client)

Any fixes for this?

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