Toolbar background error

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Wed Aug 15 11:50:52 CDT 2001

Guy L. Albertelli <galberte at> wrote in article
<000401c125ab$e2978260$d1ae5d18 at>...
> Bill,
> Can you try the current CVS and let me know how that works. I have been
> doing some work with Toolbar, Rebar, etc. and the background drawing was
> of the problems.
> If it still has problems, let me know the application and I will work on
> Thanks,
> Guy

BTW since you are working on controls I thought I'd better let you know

I intend at some point working on the ListView control's handling of the
text in the large icon view unless someone gets there first.  However it
will require corrections to DrawText/DrawTextEx's handling of the
EDIT_CONTROL style flag first (which affects the word wrapping/cutting of
long words in multiline stuff).  In addition from a quick experiment I
think that quite a lot of work will be required within listview.c because
it appears to be unstably dependent on the fact that the size of the text
portion is currently constant; the clipping and repainting falls to pieces
when the size of the text depends on whether the icon is selected or not

I thought I'd better let people know in case they get there before me.


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