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Daniel Walker diwalker at
Wed Aug 15 22:23:14 CDT 2001

Gavriel State wrote:
> Phillip Schmitz wrote:
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> > [I mistakenly posted this to /
> > wine-users rather than here. Thanks to eric pouech for his reply
> > there. Sorry if you've already seen this there]
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been lurking for a while now with a view to starting work on wine
> > - specifically COM and DCOM. I know some people have started some work
> > and there might be some patent issues with COM at least - so maybe
> > DCOM is a better bet (I had the possibly naive idea of implementing
> > COM via DCOM - it would be almost transparent, slower but less
> > "dangerous").
> Ove Kaven of TransGaming is working on out-of-process COM issues right
> now in the hopes of getting InstallShield V6 installers working.  Have
> a look back at the recent wine-devel archive for more information.  If
> you want to help, one thing that's needed immediately is a reader for
> older format Typelibs.  This is needed so that we can create an appropriate
> 'proxy' object on the client and 'stub' on the server that can marshall
> the data for the functions that are getting called.
> Check out some of the previous discussions on Wine-devel to learn more
> about this.  Any help you can render on that front would be great!

	If anyone doesn't know a good reference to look at is the FreeDCE
project. I think I read another post saying that Microsoft based their
COM/DCOM stuff on DCE .

They have a (typelib) idl compiler too, maybe the "old" MS format is
similar to the FreeDCE format..

						Daniel Walker

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