Extra space at bottom of toolbar

Bill Medland medbi01 at accpac.com
Thu Aug 16 08:28:31 CDT 2001

Bobby Bingham <uhmmmm at ameritech.net> wrote in article
<20010816042521.OIYP24527.mailhost.col.ameritech.net at there>...
> Has anyone else seen this... In WinZip 8.0 (I don't know about other 
> versions/software), there are about 6 extra pixels at the bottom of the 
> toolbar below the buttons.  Does anyone know what's causing this?  I can
> into it if I get some time, but I was wondering if anybody knew.
> Bobby Bingham
I spotted something similar.  Based on Microsoft's RowList sample from
their MSDN samples on my system the toolbar buttons are displayed two
pixels down with the result that the bottom border of the button is not
displayed or is overwritten by the toolbar background.

(I don't know what is causing it)


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