Stupid Winedbg question

James Hatheway james at
Thu Aug 16 13:15:53 CDT 2001

> Ok, I feel like an idiot for having to ask this, but it's my first time 
> realing using the debugger.  When wine starts the debugger on an exception, 
> it opens it up in another xterm.  Is there an easy way to copy it's output?  
> The usual select and middle-click isn't working because it doesn't let me 
> select the text to begin with.

Hold the Shift key while selecting the text.  Or, in your ~/.wine/user.reg
change the [Software\Wine\WineDbg] UseXTerm key from 01 to 00.
I find that is more useful so that all the output can be put into a file
for later perusal. (ie. I usually run the debugger with:
./debugger/winedbg 2>&1 | tee output.log)


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