_CheckNotSysLevel Patch

Bobby Bingham uhmmmm at ameritech.net
Thu Aug 16 13:11:54 CDT 2001

On Thursday 16 August 2001 01:43 pm, you wrote:
> Bobby Bingham <uhmmmm at ameritech.net> writes:
> > winedbg winzip32
> > ...
> > err:win32:_CheckNotSysLevel Holding lock 0x40800fe8 level 3
> > err:win32:_CheckNotSysLevel Holding lock 0x40800fe8 level 3
> > Stopped on breakpoint 1 at 0x004677fa (WINZIP32.EXE.EntryPoint in
> > C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE)
> If you run under winedbg directly the CheckNotSysLevel breakpoints are
> ignored, and it only stops at the program entry point; and the
> backtrace there is useless. Please run it under wine and let it start
> the debugger by itself when encountering the first CheckNotSysLevel,
> then you should get a proper backtrace.

Ok, let's try this again:

wine winzip32
err:win32:_CheckNotSysLevel Holding lock 0x40800fe8 level 3
In 32-bit mode.
=>0 0x400db0a8 (_CheckNotSysLevel+0x58 in libntdll.so) (ebp=406167c4)
  1 0x407e81cb (GDI32.DLL.RemoveFontResourceW+0xbcb in libgdi32.so) 
  2 0x407de49c (GDI32.DLL.CreateDCA+0x1c in libgdi32.so) (ebp=4061691c)
  3 0x407e7a52 (GDI32.DLL.RemoveFontResourceW+0x452 in libgdi32.so) 
  4 0x407e8889 (GDI32.DLL.GetObjectW+0x69 in libgdi32.so) (ebp=406169a8)
  5 0x4109da44 (WINEPS.DLL.EndDoc+0x6b4 in libwineps.so) (ebp=40616a90)
  6 0x410a1867 (WINEPS.DLL.SelectObject+0xe7 in libwineps.so) (ebp=40616ab0)
  7 0x407e8c76 (GDI32.DLL.SelectObject+0x66 in libgdi32.so) (ebp=40616ad0)
  8 0x407deb70 (GDI32.DLL.DeleteDC+0x170 in libgdi32.so) (ebp=40616af4)
  9 0x407c8a9c (GDI32.DLL.102+0xcc in libgdi32.so) (ebp=40616c40)
  10 0x409e25eb (WINSPOOL.DRV.DocumentPropertiesA+0x7b in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  11 0x409e27ea (WINSPOOL.DRV.DocumentPropertiesW+0x10a in 
libwinspool.drv.so) (ebp=40616cac)
  12 0x409e341c (WINSPOOL.DRV.AddPrinterW+0x32c in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  13 0x409e388f (WINSPOOL.DRV.AddPrinterA+0xff in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  14 0x409e128d (WINSPOOL.DRV..data+0x128d in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  15 0x409e1948 (WINSPOOL.DRV..data+0x1948 in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  16 0x409e7d6a (WINSPOOL.DRV.EntryPoint+0x2a in libwinspool.drv.so) 
  17 0x4009084a (PE_InitDLL+0x6a in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616e40)
  18 0x4008c5e9 (MODULE_InitDLL+0x79 [module.c] in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616e64)
  19 0x4008c709 (MODULE_DllProcessAttach+0xb9 in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616e88)
  20 0x4008c6e5 (MODULE_DllProcessAttach+0x95 in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616ea8)
  21 0x4008c6e5 (MODULE_DllProcessAttach+0x95 in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616ec8)
  22 0x400d6f1b (start_process+0xdb [process.c] in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616f30)
  23 0x400dab46 (SYSDEPS_DoCallOnStack+0x86 in libntdll.so) (ebp=40616ff0)
  24 0x400dab87 (SYSDEPS_CallOnStack+0x2f in libntdll.so) (ebp=bffff78c)
  25 0x400dabfe (SYSDEPS_SwitchToThreadStack+0x5e in libntdll.so) 
  26 0x400d735c (PROCESS_InitWine+0x1dc in libntdll.so) (ebp=bffff7e0)
  27 0x0804c16f (main+0x2f in wine) (ebp=bffff7f8)
  28 0x0804c155 (main+0x15 in wine) (ebp=bffff818)
  29 0x4028a520 (NTDLL.DLL.sqrt+0x3bd80 in libc.so.6) (ebp=bffff858)
  30 0x08049021 (_start+0x21 in wine) (ebp=00000000)


Bobby Bingham

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