[resend] Don't crash when CUPS is installed

Marcus Meissner mm at caldera.de
Thu Aug 16 16:34:03 CDT 2001

In article <997995321.1690.4.camel at bugg> you wrote:
> Hi all,

> Having CUPS installed and a printer in CUPS configured would crash an
> application I'm looking at. The reason was that the printer would be
> added with a NULL name.

> -	if (!AddPrinterA(NULL,2,(LPBYTE)&pinfo2a)) {
> +	if (!AddPrinterA(printers[i],2,(LPBYTE)&pinfo2a)) {

This will just make the printer not added AT ALL, since there is the
following code in AddPrinterW:

    if(pName != NULL) {
        ERR("pName = %s - unsupported\n", debugstr_w(pName));
        return 0;

Please do not apply.

Ciao, Marcus

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