Problems building with extern inline functions in winebase.h

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Aug 16 17:45:01 CDT 2001

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Bill Medland wrote:

> Ah.  That might explain some of my problems (the "inline" of
> perfect_graphics in graphics/x11drv/bitblt.c which is explicitly static and
> possibly one with DPtoLP in windows/defwnd.c I am looking into just now).
> Be aware that the problems are still there in 2.96-85 so there's not much
> point in updating from the RedHat site.  I guess I am about to follow
> advice and back down to 2.95.  (Does anyone know; is it simply a matter of
> using rpm to remove the new and install the old or am I about to start
> tearing my hair out?)
> Bill
I built gcc-2.95.3 from source and patches, so I don't have the rpm
installed, but nothing else I have installed from Mandrake 7.2 has
wanted gcc, so I think you may not have too hard a time with it.
Sorry, I can't work out how to do the requires/provides queries on an
uninstalled package.

I am a little casual with --nodeps and --force, too.  I started with
Slackware, so I like those options best of all rpm capabilities.


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