Does Wine's winhlp work?

Waldek Hebisch hebisch at
Fri Aug 17 07:43:13 CDT 2001

David D. Hagood wrote:
>Is Wine's WinHelp program supposed to work? By that I mean, if I invoke 
>that program with a Windows help file, is it supposed to be able to 
>display the contents of the help file as Window's winhelp.exe would?

I was about to ask the same question. My impression was that:
i) 'winhelp' is completely non-functional
ii) part reading help files only handles very old help files
I implemented code to read somewhat newer help files, to degree 
that 'hlp2sgml' program is able to get some output, but since 
data structures used by graphical part are largly NOT filled, 
'winhelp' itself has more reasons not to work (I have not sent 
patch to 'hlpfile.c' in case 'winhelp' actually can read some 
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