winsock stuff

Daniel Walker diwalker at
Mon Aug 20 19:42:39 CDT 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Daniel Walker <diwalker at> writes:
> >       To improve on this patch we could only do the FIONREAD if the sock is
> > in a non-blocking state. That's the only time that doing the FIONREAD
> > would be an advantage. Also we wouldn't need to worry about screwing up
> > blocking sockets. Even further, we could only do the FIONREAD if socket
> > is non-blocking and looking for an FD_CLOSE event.
> Using FIONREAD is simply not an option, it cannot be made reliable.
> A possibility to detect EOF could be a recvmsg with MSG_PEEK flag,
> though you should probably verify first that it behaves as expected.

	How is it unreliable? Why is MSG_PEEK more reliable? I'm not opposed to
using MSG_PEEK , just curios.. Another issue is why doesn't poll() give
us a POLLHUP? That would be ideal, get poll() to work the way we need it

							Daniel Walker

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