ReadFile and other issues

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Aug 22 02:11:34 CDT 2001

> I'm not sure we should be converting xterm input into INPUT_RECORD. It
> may be better to have two modes, a simple console that returns an fd
> to ReadFile and no input records (and then ReadConsoleInput could
> generate them on the fly if necessary), and a complex console that
> supports all the features but that doesn't have an associated fd at
> all.
> IMO the current xterm-based console support is a ugly hack; we should
> do a proper Windows console using a normal Wine window with a message
> loop to retrieve input events. And usage of stdin/stdout should be
> limited to programs that don't need special console features, and
> should only support ReadFile/WriteFile.
if we want to go into this, there are a few points to agree on first:
- since console handles can be inherited, the Wine console window should
be run in a different process than the one which uses the console (and
add communication means between the first process, and the process 
rendering the console)
- how should we know a program needs either a simple or a complex console (we could use a registry key in the per process area)


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