ReadFile and other issues

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Aug 22 14:28:33 CDT 2001

> I guess line editing could be done by wineconsole, and the input
> records would only be sent to the server once we have a complete
> line. Or do we need more locking than this?
well, the issue here is that, even in line editing mode, ReadConsole
and ReadConsoleInput can be used. the former drops all non keyboard
events and produces a string, whereas the later returns the available
input records...
so, to implement what you propose, the wineconsole would have to know
in advance which one of the two functions will be called next:
- in case of ReadConsole, it has to keep all incoming input records, and
release just the string when it's done editing the line
- in case of ReadConsoleInput, all generated input records must be
available in the server to the calling app

> > I was thinking of either a anonmymous file or an anonymous mapping for
> > the content of the screen buffer... with an array attribute and char
> > may be some additional info on each row to indicate the rendering
> > program about the rows which have been modified...
> The problem with a shared buffer is that you need to lock against
> simultaneous access, which means a hung thread can hang the whole
> console. I'd prefer to have the server simply report to wineconsole
> the bounding rect of the screen buffer area that has been modified,
> and have wineconsole use ReadConsoleOutput to retrieve the buffer
> contents from the server. It's only a few Kbytes to copy at most so
> performance should be acceptable.

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