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eric pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Aug 23 13:18:40 CDT 2001

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> eric pouech <eric.pouech at> writes:
> > well, the issue here is that, even in line editing mode, ReadConsole
> > and ReadConsoleInput can be used. the former drops all non keyboard
> > events and produces a string, whereas the later returns the available
> > input records...
> > so, to implement what you propose, the wineconsole would have to know
> > in advance which one of the two functions will be called next:
> > - in case of ReadConsole, it has to keep all incoming input records, and
> > release just the string when it's done editing the line
> > - in case of ReadConsoleInput, all generated input records must be
> > available in the server to the calling app
> OK I see what you mean. Yes this implies that we must be able to tell
> the server to only return input events to the thread doing the
> ReadConsole. If I get this right, it also means line editing has to be
> done in ReadConsole, and that you can't see what you type when the app
> is not reading. Very annoying, but I guess it's more Windows-like...
yup, that's the way it is... and more, all the echoing is done in
so if you don't call it, you don't get echo of what you type...

so we definitively need the two level approach:
- wineconsole generates the input records and stores them in the server
- if in line editing mode, a calling thread will ask the server for
  an exclusive access to the input record queue until the eol is reached

echoing is also requested on client side (and transformed into regular
WriteConsole calls)

anyway, I'd like to get back to simple vs complex consoles
if I got you right, a simple console handle should be in fact nothing
than a regular file handle which unix fd is set to either 0 or 1
it means that no enhanced mode is used, nothing but the standard libc
line editing facilities of the input stream
so the use would adequate for a simple program that just uses equivalent
of puts/gets (and associated) functions
however, I find this very limiting for people who want to use a CUI exe
in a pure unix console mode (either when X11 isn't started, or a session
over IP in telnet for example)
that's why I was wondering if wineconsole shouldn't also support a
like interface (in addition to the USER32 one) to help in this area

last but not least, recent exchanges made a simple < 1kloc patch a more
serious project of several kloc :-/

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