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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Aug 23 16:22:41 CDT 2001

eric pouech writes:
> this is a first shot at the PE-dump utility for wine
> since, lots of code could/will be shared with specmaker (PE image file
> browsing, symbol demangling...), I decided to turn specmaker into a 
> multi-mode utility
> the executable made out of the sources in specmaker dir can now be 
> launched under 3 different names:
> - specmaker: you keep all the old features of specmaker (except -S
> option)
> - winedemangle: this replaces the -S option of specmaker
> - pedump: PE (and .DBG) file dumping utility... lots of PE dir dumping
> still 
>   need to be written (like resources or typelib information)
Hallo Eric,

thanks for your effort. I applied your patch and get the following:
> wine/tools/specmaker> ./pedump -x /dosd/cae/gcprevue/gcprevue.exe
> Unrecognized option
> Usage:
>    -h           Display this help message
>    -d <dll>     Use dll for input file and generate implementation code
>    -C           Turns on symbol demangling
>    -f           Dumps file header information
>    -j sect_name Dumps only the content of section sect_name (import, export, debug)
>    -x           Dumps everything

Do I do something wrong?


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