dumping utility

eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 24 00:39:07 CDT 2001

> This seems to duplicate a lot of code that is in cvdump. Are there
> still things that cvdump does that your pedump doesn't support, or
> should I remove cvdump completely?
yes I forgot to mention that I reintegrated cvdump inside it, so cvdump
be dropped

> Also I'm not convinced we need a separate winedemangle binary, we are
> already installing a bit too many things in /usr/bin.
in fact, I have been wondering on how to set this up
I hesitated between having a single name for the exec, and switching
the different modes (specmaker, dump, demangling) with command line
or generating several execs (in fact a single one and several sym links)

I choose the later because I didn't like to have a dump utility named
however, we can go back to the former, and go for another name ;-)

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