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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at voila.fr
Fri Aug 24 04:31:52 CDT 2001

this can be done of course... I think we could start with a bin hex dumper... if has to be checked whether the x86 disassembler from the debugger could be used here... but a bit of tweaking will be required (like taking care of addresses, how opcodes are read, how output is generated...)

OTOH binutils' objdump has greatly evolued and now also includes lots of PE facilities... so I think we'd better focus on pure windows areas (IMO resource dumping is perhaps more needed than the disas feature...) than this one


> >>>>> "eric" == eric pouech <eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr> writes:
>     eric>  thanks for your effort. I applied your patch and get the
>     eric> following:
>     >> > wine/tools/specmaker> ./pedump -x /dosd/cae/gcprevue/gcprevue.exe
>     eric> this has to be called with ./pedump -x -d
>     eric> /dosd/cae/gcprevue/gcprevue.exe as the Usage lines (almost)
>     eric> mention ;-)
> That looks better with the -d.
> Is pedumper expected to get a disassembler too?
> Bye
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