Robert Lunnon bob at yarrabee.net.au
Sat Aug 25 01:57:27 CDT 2001

I'm trying to hack on wine to get it working properly on Solaris X86. Now that the basic things are working on Solaris, I have run into a problem with networking. The Network apps block on a read operation. Here is a debug trace of ftp for example

bash-2.03$ wine ftp -debugmsg +winsock,+thread -managed
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_LibMain 0xdf630000 0x1 1
trace:winsock:WSAStartup verReq=101
trace:winsock:WSAStartup succeeded
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_getservbyname 'ftp', 'tcp'
fixme:console:SetConsoleCtrlHandler (1001dc5,1) - no error checking or testing yet
ftp> o ftp.cdrom.com
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_gethostbyname ftp.cdrom.com
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_socket af=2 type=1 protocol=0
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_socket    created 0030
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_bind socket 0030, ptr  1008700, length 16
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_setsockopt socket 0030, lev 65535, opt 0x8, ptr df7666d4, len 4
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_connect socket 0030, ptr  1008700, length 16
trace:winsock:WSOCK32_getsockname socket: 0030, ptr  1008760, ptr       10
Connected to wcarchive.cdrom.com. trace:winsock:__ws_select read df766570, write 0, excp 0
Connection closed by remote host. ftp>

Can anyone give me a starting point, I only have basic tcp knowledge

in advance


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