keyboard problem

Daniel Sabo sorry at
Sun Aug 26 19:49:56 CDT 2001

As per the Platform SDK:

"The WM_SYSKEYDOWN message is posted to the window with the keyboard focus
when the user presses the F10 key or holds down the alt key and then
presses another key. It also occurs when now windows has the keyboard
focus; in this case, the WM_SYSKEYDOWN message is send to the active

As far as i can see the function is ok, maybe GetFocus is bugged?

static BOOL process_raw_keyboard_message( MSG *msg, ULONG_PTR extra_info )
    if (!(msg->hwnd = GetFocus()))
        /* Send the message to the active window instead,  */
        /* translating messages to their WM_SYS equivalent */
        msg->hwnd = GetActiveWindow();
        if (msg->message < WM_SYSKEYDOWN) msg->message += WM_SYSKEYDOWN - WM_KEYDOWN;

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