keyboard problem

Gerard Patel gerard.patel at
Mon Aug 27 04:00:32 CDT 2001

At 05:49 PM 26/08/2001 -0700, you (Daniel Sabo) wrote:

>As far as i can see the function is ok, maybe GetFocus is bugged?
>static BOOL process_raw_keyboard_message( MSG *msg, ULONG_PTR extra_info )
>    if (!(msg->hwnd = GetFocus()))
>    {
>        /* Send the message to the active window instead,  */
>        /* translating messages to their WM_SYS equivalent */
>        msg->hwnd = GetActiveWindow();
>        if (msg->message < WM_SYSKEYDOWN) msg->message += WM_SYSKEYDOWN -
>    }

I doubt GetFocus is bugged. 
What is quite probable is that the focus/active window handling is not
behaving like Windows does (if there is really *one*  behaviour 
in the different versions of Windows, that is).

Another possibility (less probable in this case) could be that the Ms
doc  about WM_SYS* messages is inaccurate or incomplete. 


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